Continuiti Interim HR Professionals

Profile of an Interim HR Professional

  • Possess between 5 and 20+ years of corporate/professional HR experience
  • Are recruited from your local market to work on-site wherever you need them in the U.S. or Canada – or can work virtually, if you prefer
  • Are experts with recent, "hands-on" experience in the specific HR area you need - minimizing ramp-up time for your assignment
  • Are thoroughly screened for suitability for interim work in addition to the particular skills, experience, background, culture and personality fit needed for your assignment
  • Have their own consulting practices, have chosen contracting as a lifestyle, are between positions due to corporate "right-sizing", want to explore a new industry, or want to "try on" a new position before making a permanent commitment
  • Are immediately available to start your assignment
  • Can enjoy the flexibility of the contract lifestyle while reaping the benefits of a permanent position including paid time off and 401k plan
  • Are Continuiti's W-2 employees, eliminating potential "Microsoft" liability associated with the direct hiring of independent contractors
  • Treat your assignment with the same commitment and professionalism of a permanent position
  • Work only as long as you need them - the end of the assignment does not raise any severance or legal issues


  • Onsite or Virtual
  • Full-time or Part-time
  • Salary, Hourly, Project-based

Staffing Even Your Most Challenging Temporary HR Positions is Easy with Continuiti’s Super-Niche Model!