Case Studies

Mission-Critical Integration Drives Need for Contract HR Lead

Lisa McKenna, VP of Human Resources for a global government outsourcing services firm, knew she had to give her full attention to the integration of 6000 new employees as part of a services initiative that was transitioning to her firm within 120 days. Because the transitioning population represented more than 40 different benefit, health, and welfare programs, McKenna decided to take the reins of this mission-critical assignment and back-fill her lead HR role for a global workforce of 15,000.

A Focus on HR Makes a Difference

McKenna cites Continuiti’s singular focus on the business of HR as a key competitive differentiator. With a deep knowledge of HR including the types of roles, experience, and background candidates need, Continuiti offers clients like McKenna resources who can hit the ground running on day one. The concentration of contract HR is also the reason that Continuiti has a robust pipeline of candidates. “The depth of their pipeline is better than a regular staffing organization can provide,” McKenna says.

From Candidate to Client, Responsiveness is a Constant

Like many of Continuiti’s clients, McKenna first became familiar with the firm when she was a candidate seeking opportunities in the contract HR space. “Continuiti listened and cared about placing me in a company where I would enjoy working,” McKenna says. “The difference in working with a professional, boutique firm is responsiveness and customer experience – something the large staffing firms are not as well-equipped to deliver,” McKenna says.

Vacancy and Workload Capacity Create Need for Interim HR Staff

In this global manufacturing firm with 1400 employees, the HR function is highly decentralized with a solid reporting line to business managers. According to Division VP of Global HR Tracey Hogan, that type of structure keeps the HR function lean and focused on local operations. As a result, when one of the firm’s senior global team leads decided to leave the firm, Hogan had an immediate need for a professional who knew general HR duties in the context of local payroll compilation and submission to a central office.

Division VP of Global HR Tracey Hogan contacted Continuiti on a Monday after getting a solid referral from her Head of Recruiting. “By Thursday we had the resume of the person who would end up taking the job,” says Hogan. “That person may have been ‘in seat’ by Friday.”

Workload Relief Delivered with Interim Generalist

With a growing workload and a “slim HR function,” Hogan decided to add a second interim generalist to help support her team. The position required experience working with an employee population that is highly scientific – R&D scientists, technical sales and engineers – and unionized. “We had several resumes and interviews with candidates within the week” she says. “Continuiti listened so well. The profiles were spot-on.”

Why Continuiti?

To hear Tracey Hogan tell it, there is no reason to consider another firm for her HR staffing needs.

Contract Recruiting to Respond to Rapid Growth

This biotechnology firm was on a rapid growth trajectory that targeted 75-percent headcount growth within the same year. The Senior VP of Human Resources, Nicole Schaffer had an immediate need for recruiting and sourcing a number of specialized functions and wanted to contract a full-time recruiter during the rapid ramp up period – approximately six months – to ensure that the corporate hiring targets were achieved. Schaffer – a veteran of her industry – acknowledges that the competition to attract and retain talent is stiff in today’s market, especially for specific roles. The key roles that Schaffer’s firm needed were Sales and Marketing specialists to support the firm’s commercialization efforts. Schaffer turned to Continuiti to help her quickly build up a pipeline of candidates while controlling both the quality and overall cost of the recruiting effort.

A Hybrid HR Model Delivers a Best-of-Breed Approach

Continuiti is an integral component in Schaffer’s hybrid HR functional model that includes a combination of outsourcers, internal staff and contractors. For Schaffer, this model helps the HR function stay focused on strategic objectives and remain nimble in order to respond to the business demands. The hybrid model works for Schaffer’s organization because it enables outsourcing of non-core, back-office capabilities while maintaining control of key responsibilities like recruiting. By partnering with Continuiti for the contract recruiting capability, Schaffer’s team can mobilize quickly to meet the rapid growth demands of the business. “And, yet, because the function of recruiting is so important, we have to be involved,” Schaffer says. “Both the cultural background and skills have to be owned internally.”

Contract Recruiting that Delivers for a Talent Acquisition Team

At the close of 2013, Laurie Lawsky, the director of talent acquisition for the leadership of one of the world’s leading online retailers with more than 70,000 employees worldwide, turned to Continuiti to fulfill an urgent requirement for a recruiter who specialized in the digital e-commerce space. “We needed to build a pipeline of candidates within a two-month timeframe and could not have done it with our current staff alone,” Lawsky says. “And, because this was a short-term position, we knew finding someone with the specialized knowledge would be even harder.” Continuiti was briefed on the requirement and quickly filled the bill with an individual who had both the experience and network to become an immediate contributor to Lawsky’s ten-person team. The client now has two people on long- term assignments to respond to management hire requests.

Trusted for Speed and Quality in Building the Business

The chief reason Lawsky relies on Continuiti as a channel and source for talent is the consistent delivery of qualified candidates in the shortest time possible. “They always respond with speed and quality,” she says. Lawsky had first gotten to know and trust the Continuiti team while working at a healthcare company several years ago. The relationship proved successful in three different organizations across two industries. “I have talked to other firms and could find the people on my own, but Continuiti is my proven partner,” Lawsky says. The partnership approach with Continuiti has paid back in terms of the delivering the highest quality selections. Lawsky says that she has been able to build entire business lines because of the people Continuiti recruiters have sourced and closed.
“When hiring managers decide they want a team built out – we need to be able to deliver. Continuiti provides the contract recruitment capability to make that happen.”